My name is Rose, and I am 78 years old. 

Some of my family members were diagnosed of Alzheimer's Disease.  I do know how bad the disease  is if anyone gets it. 

Three years ago,  I started to feel worry about myself because my memory was getting weaker and I felt more tired each day.  

I decided to take action to prevent me from getting Alzheimer's Disease. But how? 

In November, 2014, I started using Beee Smart's all natural Chocolate candy, one piece per day. Ever since my memory has improved, I feel that  I have more energy and I can think better than before. People around me told me that I look and act like a young person.

After 8 month using Beee Smart Chocolate, I felt  young and energized every day.  I thought I didn't need to use it anymore.  I stopped using it for 2.5 months.  I felt old again.  My memory was declined again and I didn't have energy and interest to do anything.  I was miserable.

I realized that I made a big mistake.  I decided to go back to the Beee Smart Chocolate.

2 months later, I am young again.  My memory comes back.  I have a lot of energy to excise and go out.  I feel I was reborn.

I learned a big lesson and i will never stop using Beee Smart Chocolate again.
Beee Smart Chocolate candies are made of all natural ingredients.  They have been used by many men and women of all ages.  They like our products and are impressed about the results
All Natural Chocolate Candies 
for Your Happiness, Brightness and Welbeing
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I am 30 Years Younger in 3 Months
and My Early Alzheimer's Symptoms has Gone Away
by Using Beee Smart Chocolate
Grant   on Aug 7, 2015
I Feel so Good during the Day Every Day
and Sleep Like a Baby at Night Every Night
by Using Beee Smart Chocolate!
                              -No more Bipolar!

My name is Grant.    I am 24 years old.  I am  a musician and small business owner. 

I'm here to share with you my experience about how I have relieved my bipolar symptoms by using Beee Smart Chocolate.

When I was 18,  I developed mild bipolar symptoms.  My mood was up and down and unpredictable.    Not only I felt very uncomfortable, but also made people around me felt difficult.  

I tried everything to relief my illness.  I used medication drugs.  I practiced Yoga and meditation.  However, nothing solved my problem. 

Recently, I tried One per Day Beee Smart Chocolate.  I use the morning chocolate in the Evenly Happy set  in the morning.   I feel very peacefully joyful.  My mind seems brightened up.   On the 3rd day,  I felt so great and it was my best day in 6 months.

I also used afternoon chocolate of the set in the evening.   I just love it.  I sleep like baby at night!

I ordered a week supply of Evenly Happy chocolate set, so that I can feel good every day and sleep like a baby every night.  Now my mood is pleasantly stable.   I feel very good everyday.   I am no longer up and down any more.  I still ordered another weekly supply to stabilize my condition.  After I finish this box I won't have to use chocolate anymore. 

This process is so easy!  I don't feel I made any effort besides eating 2 pieces of delicious chocolate candy every day for a week.   I didn't have any uncomfortable feeling. 

It is very low cost for what it does for me.  It is miracle!
My name is Vicky, and I am 55 years old. 

I suffered from both hot flush and anxiety for 8 years.  

In the past years, I had a lot of sweat every night.   While I felt so hot at home, my husband felt living in a refrigerator all the time because I always turned the house temperature very low. 

I also had anxiety at the same time.  I always woke up in the middle of night and didn't know what to do.  I often felt angry.  I was so irritated all the time.  I felt so lonely.  Many times I didn't feel I was myself . 

I tried many ways to treat the problems.  However, the symptoms were still persist.

Two months ago, I started using all natural  Beee Smart One per Day Dark Chocolate Candy made for women 40-60 years of age.   After the first piece candy, I felt obvious difference.  I didn't sweat anymore.  My anxiety calmed down. Four weeks later, first-time I felt the weather was so cold after eight years living in a hot stove. 

My husband is much happier now because he can live in normal temperature at home.

In the past 8 years, because of the hot flush and anxiety, I was very shy and didn't want to talk to people. Now I am a much happier person and I have been enjoying talking to friends and making new friends.

I am so grateful for all natural  Beee Smart One per Day Dark Chocolate.
Vicky   on Feb19, 2015
I am Out of  Hot Flush and Anxiety in a Week!
I had 8 years of hot flush and anxiety.   I used Beee Smart chocolate. A week later, I felt my mind was in peace, my face was dry and the weather was so cold (I've almost forgotten that winter could be cold!) .

Mayo      on Jun 30, 2016
I am Out of Deep Depression
by Using Beee Smart Chocolate


My name is Mayo.  I was deeply depressed in the past 4 years.   My 65 years old Psychiatrist told me that he has never seen anyone so depressed like me.  I wanted to finish my life many times.   I used many different kind drugs to maintain my base line.  However, I didn't get better.

I used one per day Beee Smart chocolate for about 2 month.  Ever since, I was getting better everyday. 

Now I have completely out of depression and return to normal.  My Psychiatrist told me that he has never expected me to recover.  He was very pleased.

Beee Smart chocolate has saved my life. 
Jacy       on Aug 30   2015
My Mind Cleared up and I can Think Better
by Using Beee Smart Chocolate!

My name is Jacy.    I am 23 years old. 

I am currently between schools.  I need some time to decide what I am going to do for my future.

Yesterday, I ate a piece of Beee Smart chocolate.  Very soon, I felt my mind cleared up.  I could think much easier and better.  It was a wonderful feeling.

I will order a weekly supply next week.

Beee Smart chocolate might help me to make a better decision for my future.
Dylan       on Sep 05   2015
I Feel My Mind is Clear and I can Think Easily after Using Beee Smart Chocolate!

My name is Dylan.   I am working with a veteran team to promote legalize medicinal use of Weed in North Carolina.

I am still in school.  I need something to help me for studying math and physics.

For the sake of fun, I tried a piece of Beee Smart chocolate.  An hour later, I felt my mind is clear.   I could think much easier.   It might help me for my study.

Other people in my team also have similar feeling.  One team mate said that he felt relaxed and happy.  Another team mate said that he didn't know how to describe the feeling, but he would like to come back to buy some.

Beee Smart chocolate is good stuff.
Tony       on Dec 05   2014
I can Breath Much Better
after Using a Piece of Beee Smart Candy!

My name is Tony.  

I had Asthma for 10 years.  Every night I felt difficult in breathing.   I coughed a lot too.  As the result, I didn't have much of energy.  I felt tired and weak during the day.  I tried many different drugs.  Only the steroid spray seems could relive my problem for a while.  I needed to spray every day. 

One day, I tried a piece of Beee Smart Candy for breathing fresh air.  I didn't believe it would help me for the asthma.  It was a piece of delicious candy and I just enjoyed eating it. 

This piece of Beee Smart Candy changed my life!

At the night, I breath much better.  I didn't cough.  I slept very well.

  I feel good and breath well ever since.  I have a lot of energy during the days.  I am doing much better job at work.

I don't need to spray every day anymore.  I only spray occasionally. 

I am a much happier person than ever.

It is Miracle!!
Thad       on Sep 20   2015
I Feel Joyful than Ever
after Using a Piece of Beee Smart Candy!  

My name is Thad.  

I am a happy person.  When I saw Beee Smart chocolate in the market, I didn't think I need it.  However, I was curious about it because other people said that it made  them feel better. 

Yesterday, I bought one piece of Beee Smart Chocolate and ate it immediately.

After a short while, I felt so joyful.  It is a better feeling than anything I had before.

This joyful feeling has lasted up to now - one and half days.  

I am so amaze about this piece of Beee Smart Chocolate.
Bernard       on Sep 20   2015
Joy Replaced my Pain
after Using a Piece of Beee Smart Candy!                         

My name is Bernard.

I was bothered by my leg pain for a long time. The pain kept me down.  I didn't find any help from any where.

My friend told me that the Beee Smart chocolate made him feel better.  I decided to give a try.  I bought 3 pieces of Beee Smart chocolate. 

After the first piece chocolate, I felt so good.  I slept very well at the night.  The next morning, I felt very good and my pain disappeared. 

I used the second piece chocolate today.  I feel so wonderful and happier than ever!

Many thanks to Beee Smart Chocolate!
One Piece of Beee Smart Chocolate Candy
Solved my Speech Problem                        

My name is Britt.  I am 28 years old.

I had frequent seizer when I was child between 3 -6.  After I used medicine drugs, the frequency reduced.  I stopped using medicine when I was 16 years old because the drug has many side effect and made me uncomfortable.  My seizer seems went away after I grow older. 

However, as the result of seizer, I had trouble so speak.  I couldn't speak some long words.  I didn't want to talk to people because I feel bad when I couldn't speak well. 

One day, I met Dr.Gu.  She gave me a piece of Beee Smart chocolate to help my speech problem.  I agreed with her that I would buy some chocolate from her next week.

After a week, I met Dr. Gu again.  I told her that  I have already made improvement in my speech.  I showed her that my problem didn't exist anymore.  I didn't need to buy any chocolate.

I am still working but I am ready to go to school to finish up.

Beee Smart Chocolate is amazing!

Rose has used Beee Smart Chocolate for 3 months
Rose has stopped using Beee Smart Chocolate for 2.5 months
Rose has restarted using Beee Smart Chocolate for 2 months
I don't Shake Any More
I can Move Much Easier after Using Beee Smart Chocolate for a Week!
Fady   on July 2, 2016
10 years ago, my doctor told me that I had Parkinsons Disease.  3 Years ago, my body started shaking all the time.  My body was very stiff and my condition was getting worse each day.  I used medication drugs but I didn't get better.

I am only 58 years old.  I was very worried that I will live rest of my life miserably.

3 months ago, I used Beee Smart Chocolate.  A week later, I stopped shaking and my body movement  was much easier too.

Now I have hope for my life.  I am grateful to Beee Smart Chocolate.